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RPF, Inc. is a management consulting firm founded by Robert A. Marmon, a Mckinsey & Company alumnus and one of the original employees of The Palmieri Company.

Mr. Marmon is a senior executive who has specialized in "turnaround" work for most of his career. He has served as Chief Financial Officer of both public and private companies in extremely stressful situations. Among his assignments while with The Palmieri Company and his clients since he founded his own company: The Penn Central; Levitt Homes; Baldwin United; Epic Properties/Skyline Financial; Crazy Eddie, Inc; and the Dart Group among others. When required, he has worked closely with the SEC, both Corp Fin and Enforcement, the IRS, and governmental investigatory agencies.

He has been written about in the business press and most recently was described in the book "Frankensteins of Fraud" (ISBN: 1-889277-25-8; Library of Congress Cat. # 00-10068) which detailed the ten greatest business fraud cases of the 20th century. The chapter about Crazy Eddie, Inc. details his involvement in unwinding the fraud perpetrated on the public by the Company and its controlling family.

This site contains:

1) The Preface and Table of Contents of a "How to" Article, "Up to and After the Fall ... Confessions of a Turnaround Specialist" written by Mr. Marmon detailing his approach to turnaround work

2) The Article

3) "Hooray for Hubris" -- a new section inserted in the Article 2/05/02. This insert outlines an obvious path to disaster

4) Mr. Marmon's current resume

5) Current Fee Schedule

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