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HOORAY for HUBRIS: Extract

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NOTE: This section was added February 5, 2002 ... before Enron, Worldcom, Tyco and Adelphia.

Reading this section may answer questions many of you may still have: "How could this happen? What were they thinking?!!

Beginning on Page 19 of the Article "Hooray for Hubris" begins with:

"...Hubris is a turnaround specialist’s best friend. It is the primary reason many of us live comfortably. “Headquarters Hubris” is my favorite, followed closely by a related form, “Staff Hubris”. (What is he talking about?) Folks, get out your chainsaws and get ready. Here we go.

First, (only shareholders and line executives are going to like the next sentence.): there is not a single corporate headquarters (with perhaps the exception of 3M and one or two others) that cannot be reduced a full 25% with little or no impact on what the company is actually doing...."

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Reason for Adding "Hooray for Hubris" to the Article (from the Preface to the Article):

Because we always accepted the messes we found, and immediately set about developing the remedies, we did not spend much time philosophizing about how previous management got the Company to the state that required our intervention. (Secretly we were obviously quite pleased that they did. After all, that’s why we were making all that money.)

Now, a bit older (and fatter), I have taken a crack at what I believe is one of the fairly obvious “Whys and Hows” that can lead otherwise very bright executives, their companies, along with their bright and often very expensive advisors to disaster, and that is: Hubris.


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